Monday, 26 November 2007

It's that time of year again!

For the past two years Victor has asked me what's on my Christmas list. I blogged about my list in Nov 2005 while I was living in Auburn Washington on internship so let's see if anything has changed:

All I want for Christmas is:
-Everyone in my family to visit me where ever I am-Well, most of them came for graduation in May 2007- that was awesome
-a real "home"- the one I have right now counts but I can't wait until I get to choose my own...or at least "our" own
-for my apartment to actually be "furnished"- this didn't happen then and let me tell you, there are still things missing from the kitchen that should be there---cupcake pans?
-a roommate- done and done!
-someone to take me camping or hiking or biking or kyaking or something fun outside when it's not raining- Well, that didn't happen in Washington (no big surprise) but Vic and I get out when we can. Of course it never rains in Albuquerque!
-a car top bike rack for the focus- I got a bike rack for the hatchback that works better
-a new wardrobe (and I'm not talking about the one containing Narnia...or maybe I am)- This, I'm afraid, will take YEARS!
-to be an inch taller- I'm sure that from now on I'll be shrinking
-everyone to give at least one gift this year from a Fair Trade organization or Heifer International--Oh, my bad- although I have been getting better at this!
-to be able to go dancing with my boyfriend somewhere really fun any time I want- Easier to do now
-to audition for Rent but not make it-Good luck with this one!
-someone figure out why there is still a war going on in the Middle East- Two years later and we still haven't got a clue
-my two front teeth- So I can wish you merry Christmas
and finally the number one thing I want for Christmas is
World Peace- One day, one day

Maybe my list this year will be a little different, maybe not. Some things never change.

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Kellen said...

blog friend! that video is way too long haha. oh well. just my sister and i being silly on T-day.

I'm glad I'm not the one that has to get you those things on your christmas list...what ever happened to asking for, like, a sweater or a book or something.