Monday, 24 March 2008

I couldn't stand the pink anymore

so I changed the blog color again.

Christos Aneste!

He did it again! I tell you, every year he rises from the dead, and this year it didn't fail. I wonder what would happen if Jesus just stayed dead one year? I highly doubt that would happen...ah, our ritualistic lifestyle. Sometimes it makes me ponder what life would be like with out extra seasons.

Saturday, 22 March 2008

My brain is fried...literally

I spent the day painting the bathroom and I'll have to say it looks pretty good. Of course I still have a lot of work to do putting it all back together but the dirty work is more than half over. I would have taken photos of my progress but Vic took the camera to Denver this weekend and I didn't feel like using the old one. I'm just lazy like that. But not lazy enough to let the bathroom go to shambles. Now I'm just wondering what to do for dinner. I'm pretty much exhausted and cooking does not sound like a good option for me. Hummm....Flying Star? RIGHT! I still have my gift card to use up:)

I think maybe I'll tackle all the clutter in the office tonight...or maybe go to the Easter Vigil service at 7pm...

It's sort of weird to think that I don't have to go to church if I don't want to. But if I go then I'll get to have that sense of community that we all long for. On the other hand, I'm really on a roll. I think Jesus will understand. Maybe I'll listen to some Jars of Clay or watch Saved! while I'm working. Last year I remember going to Cassie and Jessica's apartment for...I think it was Good watch Jesus Christ Superstar. It is their tradition rather than going to a service. It was fantastic and Victor was there so it was even more fun. Especially when he would say things like, "who is that guy?" or "what are they doing now?" or "why do they keep singing?" Oh, that's the community I really long for: neighbors.

Wednesday, 19 March 2008

Almost a record!

Today is March 19th and this whole month I have not left the state nor do I intend to for the rest of the month. I think this is a new record for me! I was thinking of heading somewhere for Easter but I feel that it's time to just stay put. Plus, Vic is out of town this weekend (starting today) and that means I can get a lot of stuff done:) Not that he gets in the way of that but at least now I won't feel guilty for knitting or sewing while he's home. And I have a lot to do!

Plus, I'm going to have Easter dinner with friends I don't get to hang out with much so that will be fantastic! Do you have any Easter traditions?

Spring Cleaning

I decided to change the colors of my blog to help bring in the season! I didn't want to go with the typical Spring pastels so I thought I'd get a little funkier.
Hope you like it.

Thursday, 13 March 2008

Wedding Shopping

It's funny to think that I'm getting married because I'm not a big shopper. Today my mission was to get shoes for my feet and a strapless bra for the dress. I usually don't buy stuff unless I really need it and even then I try to be as thrifty as I can. However, today I put all that behind me and said to myself, "Self, get what you want!" So before I headed out I looked on the internet for everyone's favorite sustainable shoes: Simple. I found that they are available at Dillards and I just so happen to live next to a mall. And since our car desperately needs to get registered (dang Montana DMV!) I decided to walk to the mall. Of course it was a gorgeous day and I would have walked anyway. The funny thing is that malls aren't usually something people walk to and the parking lot can be a scary place!
So, I bought my shoes and I love them! Here are a few photos:

They are made out of recycled material and the bottoms are old tires. How cool is that? There was a small selection so it was nice to not be overwhelmed when trying to make a decision. I asked a few ladies around what their opinion was and they looked at me a little weird when I said I'm looking for wedding shoes.
I think I'll pass on any photos of the strapless bra. Maybe another time, if you're lucky! HA!

Wednesday, 12 March 2008

You need to watch this video

This is a video by my friend Griffin House. This song always gives me goose bumps.

Griffin House: I remember video

Monday, 10 March 2008

A few of the petroglyphs

I was telling my step dad Carl about our hike today and he said that he wanted to see some petroglyph photos! I don't know what any of them mean but they sure are neat. Here they are for your viewing pleasure:

Sunday, 9 March 2008

It's a girl world!

Today I took the big kids and little kids hiking at the Petroglyph National Monument. It was totally fun and fantastic! The weather was great and we had a great time. Of course, it wasn't all girls...Steve came to help drive and help out. I had no idea where we were going and it was one of those times where I kept thinking to myself "I should have checked this out first!" But we all had a good time and no one got hurt.
It's great to hang out with these kids and give them a broader view of the world than just the four walls of our church. This photo is of us at the top of the "mountain" which, technically, was over a mile high (above sea level). Of course, when you're starting at 5,000ft, you don't have much to climb.
The most wonderful thing about a trip like this is seeing how many girls are having fun with their friends from church. I'm honored to be a part of nurturing the future adults of the church and to help them realize that it isn't a boy's world's just the world.

Wednesday, 5 March 2008

Life just keeps getting better

and when I say better I mean "oh my heavenly father I want to scream at the top of my lungs how much I totally can't stand being a part of the stupidest church in the history of the world!"

And this is only because I'm being oppressed. Having that come from a privileged white girl can sound a little bitchy but seriously IF YOU EVEN KNOW WHAT I HAVE TO PUT UP WITH YOU WOULD NEVER GO TO CHURCH AGAIN FOR THE REST OF YOUR LIFE!!!!!!!

PS- for those of you who know what's going on....the battle is still going on. For those of you who have no clue as to what I'm talking about....don't take much of this seriously...I really do love the church I am trying to reform.

Ok, this is a little bit of a depressing day so here is a fun image for you to see. My sister sent me ice cream cone cup cakes in the mail and this is how I found them:
I have THE best sister in the WHOLE world! They were so yummy!

Tuesday, 4 March 2008

The best advice comes from the radio

I am a total geek. I download podcasts of The News from Lake Woebegone and listen to them while I work out at the gym. However, some of the best pastoral advice comes from Garrison Keillor. This quote in particular reminded me of how important it is to avoid talking out of your ass when you feel the pressure to say something comforting when really, there is nothing new to say. Because at some point we all experience death and to talk for the sake of talking can get in the way of grief. Here is a beautiful thought on the job of a minister during this time of grief:

"There you are in a room that's full of incredible grief. People crazed with grief. People drunk with grief and the minister is the designated driver and you take people where they need to go saying the old words about death. There are no new words to be said about death."

Rip off

Since Nichole and Nancy both did the whole four things thing, I'm going to do it too. I'm such a follower.

Four jobs I have had in my life:
1. Camp Counselor (the BEST)
2. Resident Assistant
3. Scenic Designer
4. Professional Interim

Four movies I've watched more than once:
1. So I Married An Axe Murderer
2. Saved!
3. All of the Harry Potter Movies
4. The Sound of Music

Four places I have lived:
1. Ohio
2. Luxembourg
4. Berkeley, Ca
5. Seattle area

Four T.V. shows that I watch:
1. Law and Order
2. Jeopardy
3. Heroes
4. The Office

Four places that I have been:
1. My mother's womb
2. New Zealand
3. In Love
4. Scranton, PA

4 People who e-mail me:
1. facebook
2. Victor
3. Justin
4. People who want me to buy stuff

Four of my favorite foods:
1. Pork and Sauerkraut
2. Red Velvet Cake
3. Crab legs
4. Salmon

Four places I would rather be right now:
1. Playing disc golf somewhere warm
2. with my family (including Victor)
3. Already moved into our house in England (only because it's going to be a lot of work!!)
4. Hanging out with my friends

Things I am looking forward to this year (2008):
1. Getting married to the man of my dreams
2. Moving to England
3. Visiting with my family and going on a road trip with my NEWEST family
4. Meeting new people and trying to figure out what they are saying

That's my list! I hope I have inspired someone else to blog about their four things.

Sunday, 2 March 2008

March is here...can you believe it?

Does anyone remember the saying:
"March comes in like a lion and out like a lamb"

I never hear that anymore.

Saturday, 1 March 2008

Happy Leap Year!

Well it only happens once every four years so I thought I would wish you all a happy February 29th!

And here is something I find funny:
Yesterday I had four friends on facebook celebrating a birthday. However, I have no friends celebrating a birthday today. Out of my 310 friends I find it interesting that no one was born on leap year. But what are the chances of that anyway? The other thing I wondered is how many of those birthdays yesterday had the chance of being born on the 29th? If I was having a baby and it was leap year, I would try to hold off as long as I could just so my kid could celebrate their birthday once every four years. How fun would that be?

Does anyone have any leap year folklore they are willing to share?