Wednesday, 9 January 2008


Have you ever Googled your last name? You should try it sometime, it really is interesting. Well, it is for me because I have an obscure last name. Today I searched in Google images for my last name and the first image that pops up is above.
What is it?
You might ask.
Not only is my last name interesting but so is my dad. I mean who would have thought to build a contraption to make cooling an airplane at the gate any easier than it already is? But wait! Cooling an airplane at the gate isn't very easy! So therefore my dad came up with a system to prevent the waste of fuel and energy.
The next time you are sitting on the airplane and it's really uncomfortably hot, then you know why this invention is necessary from the consumer's point of view.
What a smart guy...I taught him everything he knows...uh, or maybe that's the other way around.

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