Wednesday, 23 January 2008

Last night at my knitting group someone was telling a story about a big canoe trip. It sounded like so much fun! And then someone else commented that there is not enough still water where we live. While the Albuquerque section of the Rio Grande is still, it's not that easy to canoe and if you went on a trip you would have to bring your own boat.
I grew up in a place where water was not an issue. We had rivers and lakes enough to spend every day of the summer on the water. It seems that every placed I have lived, water was everywhere, except here. Of course I could have done without the rain in Washington and the river I lived on in Idaho was a little shallow (although one of the best fishing rivers in the state). The ocean was great to live near in California but here in my little space of New Mexico it is all high desert. However, I will have to say, the rain here smells the sweetest of any place I have ever lived.

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Nichole D. said...

The rain does smell good here, doesn't it? I miss the abundance of water, too, though.