Wednesday, 2 January 2008

What I did over Christmas Vacation

Visit Ohio for Christmas
It was a long and interesting trip. Vic and I started off our vacation by flying to Ohio on Dec 19. We spent four days in Beavercreek and three days in Orrville...give or take a few days...
It was full of visiting family and friends, playing board games, and eating TONS of food. It was also a special time because Vic pinned on Major and my dad read him the oath. I don't have any photos of it because I think my camera was MIA. But it really did happen and now he's a major pain. Yes, I think I'm funny.

By the time we got to Orrville we were ready to play some board games! Christmas day consisted of hanging out at my Aunt Lauri's house and playing games all day! Mom and Carl got me Harry Potter Scene It for Christmas and my team dominated...are you surprised? Good times!

When my sister drove up the day after Christmas she brought the kids but more importantly she brought their new Wii. Let me tell you, we had some fun with that! The next day my arm hurt pretty bad too!

Cramped in Colorado for New Year's
We flew back to Albuquerque on the 27th and drove up to Colorado on the 28th. It was a LONG drive but not we didn't go too crazy. The condo where all 13 of us stayed was in Silverthrone, about 60mi West of Denver. The weather was crazy and for about two days you couldn't see much of anything outside due to snow and clouds.
But we still had some fun in Breckenridge one day with the Worms (last name, not creature). I taught Janelle how to knit and we created a felted wine bottle cover. It was an adventure in knitting.

I was sick on Dec 31st and went to bed around 11pm with my earplugs in! The party was pretty loud downstairs but I slept soundly on my oh-so-comfortable air mattress upstairs.

On our way home we stopped at the Royal George in Colorado and crossed the highest suspension bridge at 1,053ft above the Arkansas river. It was very cold but a great side trip! At one point in my life I would have been terrified to cross such a bridge (you could see through the planks!) but for some reason I wasn't too freaked out!

All in a
ll the trip was fun but I think I could have done without the little space and large number of people. Next time I say we get a bigger place!

Got Married
Yup, that's right. Vic and I got married on December 27th. Really, we just signed the certificate but we still had to have someone official perform the ceremony. So we called up our pastor and a few friends for the last minute of course...and said "I do". It was really nice even though we didn't plan anything.
All this really means is that I'm changing my name legally, Vic gets a pay raise, we get our paperwork out of the way before we move to England, I can make doctor's appointments along with other technical aspects we need to get done before we leave the country. However, we are not counting this as our wedding date. I'm not going to use his name in my everyday life. We're not wearing rings. We both agree that our marriage officially begins when we stand before our family and friends to proclaim our promise to each other.

So that's what I did on my Christmas Vacation.


Paula said...

Congratulations. I'm sorry I wasn't there to be your witness, it looks like you had a good time.
I'll see you next week at knitting.

Nichole D. said...

Looks like a fun vacation! See you next week!

ktjhawk said...

well....congrats....kind of. or not. it's up to you. All in all, it looks like it was a great vacation, and heck, anything that enables one to go to the doctor is a good thing, in my book!

jpgrmeck said...

I love that you got married in green crocs. The pictures are great, thanks for sharing!

Kellen said...

Whoa! didn't know you got married. That is excellent!

Mar-Wee said...

Katie and Vic we are so happy for both of you. Your joy shows on your face. Best wishes for a wild, crazy, joyous marriage.
Katie's NW family