Thursday, 13 March 2008

Wedding Shopping

It's funny to think that I'm getting married because I'm not a big shopper. Today my mission was to get shoes for my feet and a strapless bra for the dress. I usually don't buy stuff unless I really need it and even then I try to be as thrifty as I can. However, today I put all that behind me and said to myself, "Self, get what you want!" So before I headed out I looked on the internet for everyone's favorite sustainable shoes: Simple. I found that they are available at Dillards and I just so happen to live next to a mall. And since our car desperately needs to get registered (dang Montana DMV!) I decided to walk to the mall. Of course it was a gorgeous day and I would have walked anyway. The funny thing is that malls aren't usually something people walk to and the parking lot can be a scary place!
So, I bought my shoes and I love them! Here are a few photos:

They are made out of recycled material and the bottoms are old tires. How cool is that? There was a small selection so it was nice to not be overwhelmed when trying to make a decision. I asked a few ladies around what their opinion was and they looked at me a little weird when I said I'm looking for wedding shoes.
I think I'll pass on any photos of the strapless bra. Maybe another time, if you're lucky! HA!

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Paula said...

Your shoes are wicked cute. They will look perfect with your dress.