Monday, 14 April 2008

I stole this one from Sarah

Everyone loves to move!

1. How many times have you moved? When was the last time?
About 25- this includes moving twice a year in college and grad school. It has almost been one year since the last time I moved which will almost be the longest I have ever lived for about 10 years.

2. What do you love and hate about moving?
Love: Getting rid of all the junk I have collected!

Hate: Settling in a new place, especially when it's a place where I don't know people.

3. Do you do it yourself or hire movers?
I've always done it myself but now that I'm "in the military" we get to hire movers! I feel so spoiled.

4. Advice for surviving and thriving during a move?
It's always an adventure! After all these moves, I still don't have any advice.

5. Are you in the middle of any inner moves, if not outer ones?
I'm sure my inners move every day.

Well, maybe my answers weren't as interesting as I thought they would be but I guess they'll do. And soon we get to do an international move! Haven't done that for real yet.

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jpgrmeck said...

Well, I borrowed it from the revgals, so it seems only right that you should steal it from me!