Thursday, 7 August 2008

What are those photos about?

Ok, so I didn't really explain any of my photos. Here's what they are about:

The first three are of me, Patric, James and Mark on our canoe trip to the Cranford Canoe Club for ice cream. We picked up the river in their back yard (how cool is that?!) and headed down stream about a mile to the boathouse. What a life!

The Snicker's cupcake was at Dylan's Candy Bar in NYC. Too amazing for words.

Next I have a photo of James in Central Park where I taught him how to knit. He turned out to be REALLY good! Must be in the genes.

Then there is the crew hanging out in Central Park on a gorgeous day. Elisabeth had a friend in town from Florida and we had an adventure in the City.

The next two are from when my grandma Judy and I went to Ft Wadsworth on Staten Island. Of all the years I've been to SI I have never been there.

And here's grandpa at Staten Island Historical Society Museum. We didn't actually go in but we did walk around Old Richmondtown. Good times.

Finally, the Alice Austin House.

I wrote about all these places a few posts ago but now you can see what I'm saying. For more photos, I'll be posting them on my facebook soon.

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