Wednesday, 8 October 2008

Yes, sir. Yes, sir, three bags full!

Ok, maybe not three bags, but yes that is a full fleece in that garbage bag. Apparently I am the new spinning sensation in Portchester. I joined the Spinners and Wool Crafters association at the Portchester Parish Hall on Wednesday mornings. It is fantastic and I just love spinning. Today was my second day and the ladies were amazed that I've been picking it up fairly easily. I don't know why, but it really does come to me easily and I really like it. Plus, I bought some Kool Aid to dye my first yarn and I can't wait to see what it will become. Here's a photo of my wheel (on borrow) and the first skein of wool I've spun:
My handiwork up close. If you know anything about yarn you see that I have a bit to learn about ply:)
So this blue bit of fleese is in the new bundle I got today from the fellow Lutheran in the group. It's fresh off the sheep and I'm just wondering what this blue stuff is? My job is to clean the whole bunch and then I'll be able to run it through the barrel.
That's what I've got for today. I really love spinning and if you have a request for some hand spun yarn I would love to be able to fill some orders...who knows, I might just start my own business?! However, for you knitters that I know and love, you'll just have to put up postage!!


jpgrmeck said...

Huh. You might be the coolest person I know...

Paula said...

How cool, spinning yarn in England whilst sipping tea.
I'm insanely envious.

Diane said...

That blue stuff is how they mark the sheep. I've always wondered how you can wash that off to get beautiful white wool. Those sheep have been standing in the rain and sleeping in the mud for months without their spraypaint coming off. At least you didn't get one with bright red paint!

Take a close look at
This may be your sheep with the blue spot on his back. Of course, he was in Ireland when this photo was taken.