Friday, 5 December 2008

I'm such a slob!

Well, I slept pretty good last night but it might be because I was EXHAUSTED after two nights of no sleep. But Victor comes back today and I'll get to sleep earlier.

I have learned that when Vic goes out of town I tend to get a little sloppy. I came downstairs this morning and realized that the kitchen was a disaster area! And the TV room is the knitting and spinning capital of England. However, the thing is that when Vic is home I usually pick up after myself, clean my dishes right away and try to keep things tidy. Also, I tend to make Vic feel guilty for not doing these things. What a hypocrite I am. So now I'm spending the day cleaning up after the tornado that is me for the past four days.

The sun is out and that gives me the energy to get things done:) I better start working because the sun's gong down in about five hours.


jpgrmeck said...

Hypocrite! :-) I'm terrible about cleaning up after myself when it's just me (a hazard of living alone). I'm much better when I have frequent visitors. Otherwise I'm a slob, too.

Diane said...

I always make sure everything looks nice and neat (but not like I just scrubbed everything) by the time Hubbers gets home, so he'll think he's the sole cause of any messiness in the house. I don't think I've fooled him yet. But it does get the house tidied up :) And I don't feel hypocritical about it because I'd be very happy if he did the same for me.

ktjhawk said...

hey - that's me too! I'm currently living in complete chaos - stuff all over the floors, every flat surface covered - but the dishes are clean! I, too, live much neater when I share my space.

Heather said...

Ugh...I bet it's sunnier over there than in lovely Stockton, CA. Foggy, chilly, I've been wondering if I was transported to England, not CA! ; ) Getting lots of Xmas knitting done. Haven't ventured into spinning,'re inspiring me.