Tuesday, 23 December 2008

Jag är i Sverje!

And I'm exhausted! It's been non stop since we landed on the 20th. We'll be spending time with Vic's brother and family: Justin, Veronica, Calvin and Julia. They are so fun to be around and it's great to see them again at their house. We spent our first day at Justin's photography studio to help out with Christmas orders. On Monday we went to Luleä for some historical sites in Gammelstad but they were all closed. The snow was pretty thick so everything looked all wintery. I took some good photos that you'll have to wait until I get home to see.
Then today we went up to the ski hill behind their house to go sledding. The hill isn't open for skiing yet so we had the whole thing to our selves. CRAZY!! It was seriously insane and I'm still sore from crashing on all of my attempts. We went out when the sun was up and it was gorgeous! Of course the sun was only up for about an hour or so. It gets light at about 7am, then the sun comes up over the horizon just a bit and then goes back down. By 2pm it's dusk and by 3 it's dark. It's insane. But the days are getting longer so that's good. Maybe tonight I'll bust out the X-country skis and head over to the ski track behind the house. This is like a winter wonder land.

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ktjhawk said...

yay for playing in the snow! Stories like this make me miss it...but then I remember the shoveling, the dressing and undressing, the foggy glasses, the dripping, the slush...and I'm OK with winter precipitation being rain and fog. Have a Merry Christmas, my friend.