Tuesday, 6 January 2009

The Kinder Egg Issue

Yes it's the chocking hazard! But seriously, we'll give our kids lead painted toys from China but not Kinder eggs? If parents would take the responsibility of teaching their kids not to eat the toy in the middle then this might not be a problem. After living in England for just four months I have learned that the USA is WAY too over protective. It's like we live under the false notion that NOTHING CAN GO WRONG EVER!! And when or if something goes wrong everyone has the right to sue the pants of whoever they like.

Now don't get me wrong, I do believe that if someone does something wrong then we all have the right to sue the pants off of them. But if you are dumb enough to put hot coffee between your legs while you drive, burn yourself and then blame McDonald's for your injury then you are STUPID!! You should not win your case. However, we live in a society where that person DID win their case which opened up the door to the ridiculous.


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Nancy said...

The REAL embarassing part is that the McDonald's case happened here in Albuquerque!

I totally agree - American society is way too protective of everyone, including adults. Just try designing buildings under our codes - it will drive you nuts! I swear codes are written to protect stupid people from themselves. Personal responsibility and natural selection are totally dead.