Sunday, 4 January 2009

Ok, so it's been a while...

but seriously, I've been busy! We got back into town on Thursday and I just needed a few days to chillax before posting to the blog. Christmas in Sweden was a fantastic trip! I totally love Vic's brother's family (aka the Swedes). We had such a great time with them and the kids are so fun to be around. It's funny because they are the same age and genders of my niece and nephew back in Ohio and they are SO similar. It's a little scary.

And since I took a buttload (can't believe that's not in the dictionary) of photos, I'm only going to post my top four. To see the rest you need to check out my albums on facebook. And if you're not on facebook then what is your problem?

Sledding was AWESOME!! The Swedes live literally next to a ski hill. Since it was closed until January, we had free reign over the whole hill. This photo is of Calvin and me at the TOP! It was a very scary ride down the hill in which I did a lot of screaming. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, I went to IKEA!! While it was not the original store it was the Northern most...well, that's a claim I can't support technically but it is just below the Arctic Circle and I know there isn't one in Russia so that would leave Fairbanks, Alaska.... And the funny part about this photo is that my grandma's name is Rhea and rea in Svenska means "sale"...they are pronounced the same.
Christmas Eve was an interesting event to witness. Santa comes and you get to open ALL your presents that night. And even though I don't speak Svenska, I did think that he translated to be a very funny man. And the classic angel on the top of the tree. How precious is this kid, seriously.

So that was my top four photos from the trip. I just loved being there and after ten days I was ready to go home, too. On our way back to England I began to think about how this place is becoming my home. I longed for my own couch, kitchen and bed and when I thought of those things, I thought of England. In church on Sunday I looked around and felt that this was really my home. It's only been four months! However, we still have some more boxes to unpack...BOO!!

The weird about being in Sweden this Christmas is that from about the age of 16+ I've spent most of my Christmas Eve's with my good friends the Hedlunds. Ok that's not the weird part. The weird part is that they come from Swedish descent and all those Swedish themed Christmases sort of prepared me for this epic event. I was sort of like an adopted daughter (or at least the Italian exchange student) to the Hedlunds and I felt that I was totally returning to something that was part of my own family history. As if I was a Hedlund going back to the mother land. I should have called them on Christmas Eve...what was I thinking!

And yes, I said I would only post four photos but I just had to add this last one. If you know anything about Kinder Eggs you will appriciate this one....unless you live in the United States.Kinder Eggs: Illegal in all 50 States.
Total bummer.


ktjhawk said...

I love that one of you two on the sleds!! The color, the position of being at the top of the's just arresting.

Ps - what's the deal with Kinder Eggs?

Nancy said...

I love Kinder Eggs! We buy them in Juarez over here. A friend of mine lived in El Paso and would bring us all Kinder Eggs all the time!

jpgrmeck said...

I can't believe you used the words chillaxin AND buttload in this post. You're a woman of many facets, KT. :-) Love the pictures, especially the sledding one.

semfem said...

Isn't the reason Kinder Eggs are illegal in the states because they have little toys that might be swallowed in the eating of the chocolate?

I used to get them in Canada. :)

Alicia said...

NO WAY! Kinder Eggs ILLEGAL!!?!?!?!
Ridiculous! Here in the
"Great White North" all the kinders get eggs! Poor American kinders!