Saturday, 7 March 2009

I know some people who hate to fund raise

This is my local pub just down the street, stumbling distance from my front door. I love this pub. I have a meal here about once a week and the workers know my usual order: bacon, brie and mushroom sandwich. Just beyond the pub is the Castle and Church. Now, the Church needs to repair the roof, it's pretty old. And rather than your usual fundraisers you're used to back in the states, we're having a pub quiz: a staple to the life of any local pub.

I love this country.


Diane said...

Pubs in Abq host fundraisers too! In fact, I've been to one of Paula's fundraisers and a Team in Training fundraiser at O'Neill's.

k-bomb said...

Yeah but what about for a church? That's what I'm amazed about.