Sunday, 1 March 2009

I thought about giving up going to church for Lent because I have this strange idea. So, some of you know that I have spent a good part of the last few years in seminary studying to be a pastor. However, there are circumstances that are inhibiting me from actually becoming an ordained person. Since then I have begun to wonder if I have a strange need for power within a religious institution. There are pastors who are wonderful people and there are pastors who are detrimental to the Gospel of Christ. The unfortunate part of this story is that I got the idea after I met a man on my Candidacy Committee who I believe has a perverse relationship with his role as a pastor. It's sad really, and even more sad that there is nothing I can do about it...or that I have been able to do about it.
The question really is: am I addicted to church? So I skipped Ash Wednesday service, did a little reflecting and decided that whether I go to church or not has no impact on the fact that I feel called to a leadership role in organized religion.
Jesus never went to church and he turned out alright...sort of. I'll just stay away from the Romans.


Diane said...

You never cease to crack me up... giving up church for Lent, hah!! But I understand your reasons. I have the same problem with teaching.

mrs. reynolds said...

Hi Kates!
How goes everything? I'm pretty good, now that I'm on drugs! We're hoping to get to Germany sometime this summer. Care to join us?? I'd love to see you again. Can you believe it's been almost a year??

Heather said...

My church is found in many different places and never in an actual church. I'm ok with this! Must be deep thinking for you, given your background.