Saturday, 23 May 2009

let's hope...

Let's hope next week the weather will be great: not to sunny, not too cloudy

Let's hope I don't get sunburned

Let's hope I learn something I didn't know before

Let's hope I get to have some good sex on my honeymoon (my blog is no longer PG)

Let's hope the food will be fantastic

Let's hope I don't drop the camera

Let's hope when I get back, it will feel like I'm coming home

Let's hope that just for one week the world is at peace

What is it like to take a vacation from your reality? I think about this a lot before I go on big trips. My reality for some people might seem like a vacation while for others it might just be a cheap place to stay in a foreign country. As for reality, is that even a possibility?

Because after all, there is no spoon.


jpgrmeck said...

Can the rest of us hope that we also will have some good sex while you're on your honeymoon?

Heather said...

Hey, I don't even have teh "I'm married" excuse! Hah! Looking forward to your travel tales. The will bend if you want it to!