Saturday, 13 March 2010

Pompeii, Paestum and the Amalfi Coast...a few months ago

Rather than overload my blog with photos, I'm just posting a few here and making a larger album on facebook. Here are some of my favorites.

I took way too many photos at Pompeii to pick my favorite but this comes close. It was a very surreal experience to visit such a historical city that has no people living there. I always assumed that it was buried under lava or ash but that's not the case. Yes, ash from Mt Vesuvius did fall and covered quite a bit of the town but the thing that ended lives was the suffocating gasses. And rather than recover and rebuild the town, the survivors just came back to take all the personal belongings they could find and move to a new town, never to return. It was an amazing trip back in time.

Paestum is a little knows city of ruins South of Pompeii, yet still in the guide book! We took the chance and drove down there on the day of our arrival and it was worth the trip. The city was built in 650 BC by Greeks who were on the run (sort of) and was abandoned in the middle ages when the people became infected with malaria. The temples were very impressive and are also the best preserved, even when compared to temples in Greece!

The Amalfi Coast was an amazing place to take a drive. The weather that day was the best of the whole trip! There were some nice towns to drive through and the place we stopped for lunch was the perfect little Italian seaside town. And since we went at a low tourist time, we rubbed elbows with the locals. Perfect!

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