Saturday, 20 March 2010

Two more days of lazing around!

Monday begins the crazy time of family visits. I'll be traveling to London to meet up with my Dad, step Mom Martha and Nana. Tuesday Nana and I will head back to my house for a short visit to see where I live and hang out with Victor. Then on Wednesday back up to London to meet up with Dad and Martha. Thursday say goodbye to those three family members and hello to cousin Marta and friend Jenny! Stay Thursday night in London and then bring Jenny back to my house. Either on Saturday or Sunday I'll travel back up to London to pick up my sister and her family. We'll spend three days at my house and then go back up to London on Wednesday (that's the 31st) until Friday when we go to Paris. We'll stay at Disenyland Paris until Monday (that's April 5th) when I take the train back up to London and meet up with Victor and his sister at Heathrow Airport and fly to Sweden. There we will meet up with his brother and family for seven days. Fly back to London, drive home and hang out for a day before we take the car train to France and start to drive around Europe until the end of April.

Does this sound crazy to you? Because it sure as heck sounds crazy to me.

And with all this crazy travel going on, I am most excited to see Curtis and Callie. Oh, and my sister and brother in law... I just hope Curtis is more excited when visiting me than he is in this photo:

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Paula said...

Sounds crazy, but fun. Enjoy all the time with your family.