Wednesday, 7 November 2007

Cat puke part deux

So today is my birthday and as I was cleaning out the litter box this morning I thought "I'm cleaning out a litter box on my birthday. I must really love these cats!" And then I walk back to the computer room I notice spots on the carpet that don't look like carpet. CAT PUKE!!! So now I'm thinking "It's my birthday and I'm cleaning up cat puke! I must REALLY love these cats!" But I think I've come to the conclusion that it's better to find cat puke a few hours after it occurs. Why, you might ask...well, you see when it's fresh it's still a little wet and gooey. But when it dries it comes off the carpet better.

Just some birthday thoughts for you to ponder.


Sarah said...

Wow--cat puke on your birthday! How do you get so lucky! Oh, and Happy Birthday, again! I think I have now wished you happy birthday in as many cyber spaces as I possibly can...

PS--sorry if this posts twice, my computer is being strange this morning

Paula said...

Your words on cat puke are beyond wise and will indeed give me something to ponder for awhile.