Saturday, 10 November 2007

dress, birthday, good times and green weddings

I decided on my dress yesterday and I'll try to keep it a secret just for fun. But since I fit so well in the samples, I was able to save money by purchasing the dress I tried on for $300! Originally the dress cost $800+ so not only is it made out of sustainable and organic material but I'm getting it recycled! How great is that?!

So, I'm trying to have my wedding be as "green" as I can. It's working out pretty well by doing what I can and not trying to go overboard with the whole thing. The ceremony and the reception are in the same location (no driving!) and it's at a farm/garden so we don't have to buy flowers. The owners said I could cut flowers for my bouquet the morning of the ceremony. We're looking into printing our invitations on recycled and tree free paper. I found a site on the internet that has the exact style I want (seal and send) with tons of designs! There is a local (Akron is local, right?) organic and all natural market that caters events who is willing to work in our budget. I've decided to make skirts and buy matching tops for my bridesmaids rather than have them buy $200 dresses that they are never going to wear again. Who knows, maybe I'll find some nice organic material? This is just too much fantastic-ness for one wedding.

And last night I was at Buca di Beppo for my birthday dinner. I had about 18 friends come out to have dinner together from all different walks in my life. It was great! I think it worked out really well and after it was over I was exhausted:) I love to throw parties. Maybe that's why I'm having so much fun with planning this wedding.


Nichole D. said...

Sorry I didn't make the whole birthday bash thing- glad you had fun, though! See ya Tuesday?

Paula said...

I'm glad I got to help you pick out your wedding dress. You will be a stunning bride for sure.