Thursday, 6 December 2007

Welcome to Advent

Well, here we are again. Waiting for Jesus to be born. It happens every year and yet we have an entire season dedicated to waiting. Is he not going to be born? I don't know? We'll find out come December 25...which, by the way, is a pagan holiday. Don't you just love the church?

So it seems that Christmas is just around the corner. I went back to Ohio for a few days of wedding planning and now I'm back and more exhausted than when I left (which is hard to believe). I got quite a bit done and things are coming together. There is a lot of stuff to plan and I think it's about time to start making a formal list of what I have done/need to do.

The funny thing is trying to do all this wedding planning while keeping Victor in mind too. I mean, I value his opinion but I think that sometimes thinks would be easier if I just made all the decisions and let him show up for the big day. At least he appreciates what I'm getting accomplished.

Waiting for Jesus isn't the only thing to wait for this season. I think it's time for me to slow down a bit and take a breath. A deep breath.


Paula said...

I'm in your boat, taking a deep breath and stepping back to reflect is just what I need this holiday season.

mud_rake said...

I find it difficult to get 'all caught up' in this Christmas season's magic and fantasy when folks all throughout this planet are starving or being tortured and killed by others. Where is God in all of this?

We Americans pack the malls buying and buying for ourselves, eating ourselves into sickness.

The Roman Empire and its gluttony and licentiousness had nothing over our society.