Monday, 14 January 2008

Home again, home again, jig-a-di-jig

I feel like I'm always coming home again. Maybe it's because I am. I think that at least once a month I am traveling for some reason and it doesn't end. In February I'll be going to LA and I'm sure I'll find somewhere to go in March and April (maybe house hunting in England?) May is all about Ohio and Montana and June could be our last month in the country. Where has the time gone?

As for this weekend, it was really fun! The kids were great and some of the most respectful of the 11oo. I was very proud of the way they treated others and handled themselves in a large group. We only had one evening of teenage drama which was worked out very well and a few upset stomachs which I'm blaming on altitude, exhaustion and crazy schedules.

I did bring my knitting and was very excited to work on the mittens I just started...however, I forgot the pattern at home!! So I did what I could and moved on to another project. Nothing got finished but the bus ride was still enjoyable. I played a few rounds of UNO with Erin, Steve and Peter. I was very unlucky in my win ratio but all in all it was really fun.

It was also fun to see some friends from seminary at the gathering. But being at these things sort of does something to me. Don't get me wrong, I love my job at All Saints and working with the kids but I can't help but get a little frustrated with my situation in the Church. Since I never got a straight answer from my Candidacy Committee about what I'm lacking to be approved for ordination, I still feel that there is something ultimately wrong with my ministry. And even though people have reaffirmed my call through support and encouragement, when I get around a bunch of people from the ELCA, I can't help but to feel a little inadequate. I never had this problem before and I find it interesting that it is people in the Church who have affected me in this way. At least I'm learning early that the Church has the potential to crucify it's own leaders.

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Nichole D. said...

Yeah, church politics can be crazy- part of the reason I have a hard time going back. You should just get ordained online! *wink* See you tonight!