Wednesday, 16 January 2008

It's only a minute...if you can stand it

The Saturday late night activities included a "dance". It was all I dreamed it would be.
Here is Rachel and Erin rockin' out to Journey. Good times.


Nichole D. said...

I totally sang along! Two of my friends from Hair School had totally choreographed a cheezy dance to that song and said they were going to perform at my wedding someday. Good times with Journey!

k-bomb said...

I think this should be the first song Victor and I dance to. Classic.

Steve said...

Nice!!! Going to have to save that one for some blackmail!!!

Thanks for letting Erin and I hang out with you and the kids last weekend. We had a good time.

Pastor Phil said the kids seemed to be clicking better as a group, so they got something out of it too.

Erin said...

Ok... so you know I'm going to have to hurt you a little bit right? Be on gaurd!

It was fun to be foolish with you! Can't wait to play again!