Monday, 7 January 2008

Last year while we were visiting family in Ohio, Victor took the advice of my brother in law Ben and purchased this Off Road game on eBay. While it is a nice novelty, this time has come to once again put this thing on the market.

And yes, it is sitting in the corner of our living room. Let's hope these impulse buys are out of Vic's system. Unless, of course, he's planning on buying me the Adam's Family pinball machine.


Kellen said...

that is amazing! i can't believe you own this...and i really can't believe you're getting rid of it.

I know that it's uncommon to have basements out west, but one day you may have a game room or basement equivalent and you do not want to regret the day you gave this away.

reconsider, please.

k-bomb said...

I think I would be ok with keeping it but we're moving to England in June and it's either Off Road or living room furniture. It's a toss up!

Yes, I am actually looking forward to small living spaces.