Monday, 7 January 2008

A tribute to Debbie who is on the prowl for a job

This is Debbie. Two years and six months ago we finished Clinical Pastoral Education together in Kettering Ohio. She went on to graduate seminary and continue gathering more CPE experience to qualify her for ministry with Hospice patients.

Debbie is one of the funniest people I have ever met and she sends the BEST email forwards. I still have one from about two years ago and I'll email it to you if you give me your address.

She also rocks out on her 12 string guitar (more soft rock than hard rock) which is a blessing in a time when people are suffering.

So, here's to Debbie! Hip Hip Hooray!!


Anonymous said...

Katie--I've known Debbie for more than thirty years, and she sent me your blog with the picture. I just wanted to say you're so right, and whoever gets her (and she was once one of my employees) is going to be one lucky person/agency/whatever. Thanks so much for making her day.

Anonymous said...

that's my mom!!