Thursday, 31 January 2008

Lobby Day!

I'm sort of a geek in the sense that I love to visit State Capitol buildings. Well, yesterday was my first time in the NM Capitol building (even though I've been to Santa Fe several times) and not only was it a cool building but I was working for the American Cancer Society- Caner Action Network! I was with a bunch of other volunteers who visited our Representatives and Senators, asking them to add a little more money onto HB2 for early cancer detection for people without health insurance (the basic description) and to add money to help tobacco prevention--money that already comes out of the tobacco settlement with the big companies and the state. There is more to it but that's about the extent you're going to get in this post.
It was my first Lobby Day and I really had a great time. I did volunteer a bit with Equality New Mexico for the domestic partnership bill so I hope that goes through too. Time will tell.
As for now, I'm back home and wondering if I should be paying more attention to what's happening in politics. I think I could keep this lobby gig up for a bit. I wonder how that works with moving out of the country?


Paula said...

I am glad you had a good experience. As for Lobbying while you are outside of the country you can still make phone calls, and send emails to your elected officials. Not quite as fun as going to the Capital and meeting them, but still, it's something.

Kellen said...

you are a responsible, model citizen. :)