Saturday, 16 February 2008

What the...!

Victor wanted me to tell you all about a time when I so desperately wanted to pass through the four corners of AZ, NM, CO, and UT on our way home from Salt Lake City. He didn't think it was worth it because by the time we would get there, it would be dark outside. I told him that it's not about seeing anything, it's about being there. So we got there and it was pitch black outside and we come to find that the four corners is a national monument...which means it closes at 6pm...we got there at 6:30. Right. So with the gate closed we laughed, turned the car lights off and enjoyed the beauty of the stars in the middle of no where.

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Diane said...

The 4 Corners is better after 6pm... it's free to walk down the gated road and stand on the piece of concrete marking the spot. I don't know if it's considered trespassing, but we certainly weren't the only people there. Who's wouldn't jump a gate after driving that far out of the way?