Tuesday, 4 March 2008

The best advice comes from the radio

I am a total geek. I download podcasts of The News from Lake Woebegone and listen to them while I work out at the gym. However, some of the best pastoral advice comes from Garrison Keillor. This quote in particular reminded me of how important it is to avoid talking out of your ass when you feel the pressure to say something comforting when really, there is nothing new to say. Because at some point we all experience death and to talk for the sake of talking can get in the way of grief. Here is a beautiful thought on the job of a minister during this time of grief:

"There you are in a room that's full of incredible grief. People crazed with grief. People drunk with grief and the minister is the designated driver and you take people where they need to go saying the old words about death. There are no new words to be said about death."

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