Wednesday, 4 June 2008

100th POST!

I wish I could make this post a little more exciting but I'm not. Today I'm sitting in Bozeman Montana at Victor's cousin's apartment. We're staying an extra night here and that's ok with me. This is a beautiful town and I keep telling Victor that we can retire here if he wants to.
We'll be back in Albuquerque next week and I'm really missing my Bitches on Tuesday nights. Hopefully, we'll be back by next Tuesday:) I went to a yarn store in Bozeman today and bought some local yarn and I'm totally stoked about knitting up a scarf and hat combo for my England move. I'm still working on a really cool project for my friend Sandie! And I also met another friend today that I'll see on Ravelry! I LOVE RAVELRY!!

I love family vacation but I'm ready to see my home again....or at least my house!!

I'll make up for the 100th post soon.


Nichole D. said...

We miss you, too! Hurry back!

nancy said...

Happy 100th!