Saturday, 16 August 2008

Are we there yet?

So we moved into a hotel on Thursday night and I'm just about ready to get on an airplane as soon as possible. However, there is the flip side of not really wanting to leave so soon after moving here. I'm really just starting to make some good friends and saying goodbye just isn't fun. Victor was teasing me the other day when he said that I should just be mean to everyone so it's easier to leave. Ummmmm, I don't think I can do that.

The plus side of living in a hotel is that we have cable and we can watch the Olympics! But we don't really spend much time here so that makes a difference.

We leave on Wednesday at 1pm and there is still a lot to do. Once we get to England I have a feeling that my internet access might be limited so let's hope that I'll keep up with the blog....and facebook....and ravelry!! Arugh, I think I'm addicted.


Paula said...

Don't go!!!! Please keep the blog going as best you can. I'm looking forward to hearing about all your English adventures.

Steve said...

Hey Katie,

I can't get to facebook from work, so you better keep the blog updated!!! Heck, you can even post to this just by sending an email, what could be easier!! Anyway, it was great getting you know you and Victor over the past year or so. We are sure going to miss you guys. Anytime you are back in ABQ, know you have an open invitation to crash at our house if needed....

Talk to you soon!

LB said...

Blessings on your travel! I'm jealous in a lot of ways, although not of the goodbyes. Those are hard. Wait - that's what I'm putting off by staying in California another year. So here's a big hug for all of the changes and partings.

Love you!