Monday, 25 August 2008

The fun of our in process

We're traveling this week to in process at various bases around England. First we're up by Oxford at RAF Croughton. And while I can hop on the internet for blogging and email checking, I can't log in to Facebook...seriously, what will I do?
Then tomorrow we head over to Lakenheath for more in processing fun. But not only will that be fun but we get to see our friends Jim and Jean while we're there! Jim has been a friend of mine since he first stumbled into the doors of Peace Lutheran Church as a lowly AFIT student and was immediately overtaken by the Hedlund family. It's a really long story BUT if it wasn't for Jim coming to church I would have never met's a REALLY long story.
Today was also our first day to experience driving in England. We rented a car and it came manual (apparently you have to request automatic) and without blinking an eye, Victor took to it like a fish out of water! Ok, so it wasn't that bad and once you get used to the backwardness of it all, it's really not that scary. Of course, I haven't tried yet but maybe he'll let me drive on base. We pick up our car this week too so that will be strange to drive an American made car on the left side of the road.
So far I've been taking long naps during the day but sleeping well at night. Getting adjusted really takes some time. It will be a while before I can start posting photos but as soon as I get set up you'll see where we live from my point of view. However, we've been so exhausted we haven't even thought of getting out the camera.

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