Wednesday, 3 September 2008

WE FOUND A PLACE TO LIVE!! (no it's not the castle in the photo)

That's right kids! Today we ended our search of the perfect place to live. I didn't bring my camera so no photos yet (and I'm still working off of shared computers anyway) but hopefully in a few weeks you can see our house. It is the true British experience, let me tell you.

We live down the street from Portchester Castle (photo above or click here too) in a neighborhood that dates back to Medieval times. Our house, however, is not THAT old but it is quite charming and I love it!
Now that a house has been selected I am so relieved that I can hardly stand it. The owners are replacing carpet, painting and doing some renevations so right now it looks like total crap inside. But we love the layout and location so much that we decided to go ahead and get it off the market and hopefully sign the lease next week. Move in date will be in about two weeks but we don't even have any of our household goods right now anyway so it's not really a problem to wait a bit. So once I get the address I'll send it out to you all.
This weekend we're going to London to meet up with one of my friends from Camp Luther and it's going to be fantastic...yes, I already know. We're going on a bike tour of London on Saturday and there is a huge street fair on Regent St on Sunday I would love to go to.
AND I also found a church in Gosport that I totally love. We don't really live close to the church...actually, we live close, but I can't actually take a boat across the water to get there. I have to drive around the long way. But the Vicar is so cool and it's such a great community. Hopefully I'll be able to attend there or I heard there is a church on the Castle grounds too. It's nuts.


Kellen said...

oh my gosh. I LOVE medieval history. i ams osooooo jealous. must visit. must win the lottery or free flight first. haha.

Nichole D. said...

Glad you're not ,moving into the castle. It's nice looking, sure, but it looks a bit out of the price range. Besides, there isn't any ceilings. That could get a little, um, damp. Excited to see pictures of the REAL living space soon!

I miss you TONS. I'm going to have to come see you one of these days!

hfrank said...

Katie how fantastic! You'll finally be able to nest! Looking forward to seeing pics of your new digs.

jpgrmeck said...

Congrats on finding a place! Very exciting, and I'm sure it's a relief. I'm kind of sad that you're not living in the castle, though... :-)

cristin said...

drooling with jealousy but oh-so happy for you! can't wait to see photos!!