Thursday, 25 September 2008


Here's the Castle from the view of the church's cemetary

This is the church I go to...morning prayer every day! I've become an Anglican, who would have guessed?

We went to the top of the Keep last weekend and the view is fantastic!

Here's the courtyard of the castle...and Victor!

We met up with Nikki in London and it was too much fun.

We took a bike tour around the city and it was so fun...even in the rain.

Me and Victor survived spending a whole month together...24 hours a day...non-stop...all the time...just the two of us


Steve said...

Hey Katie!!!
It's good to see you guys are doing good. Is that one of the lions in Trafalgar Square?

We miss you guys!

jpgrmeck said...

Your hair is so cute! And I love that Victor is wearing a MT sweatshirt. :-) Thanks for sharing the pics, they're great!

k-bomb said...

Yes, those are the Trafalgar lions:)

And of course we need to represent Montana on the island. Most people think we are cowboys anyway.

Anonymous said...

Hey Katie,

It sounds like you guys are really enjoying your self over on the other side of the pond. Glad to hear you found a place, and from Google Maps, its looks nice.

Maybe sometime this coming summer I will have to find some vacation time and some money and sneek out that way.

Anyway, take care and I am looking forward to lots of update.

Peace & Love,

ktjhawk said...

Katie, I'm not surprised you're doing the Anglican thing. I imagine their spirituality touches your heart in a very meaningful way. Yay!