Monday, 29 September 2008

Today is one of those days...

One of those wonderful days! You know, when the air is crisp and you can tell that Fall is on it's way. I love days like today.

Ever since we've moved in to our house (photos soon, I promise) I have been doing my shopping at the village (photos soon, I promise). I ride my bike up to the shops and go from store to store with my shopping list. We have two grocery chains in town Somerfield and Iceland. Now I'm not quite sure but Iceland is not the place I like to shop. Somerfield seems more inviting and also stocks more organic, earth friendly products. Plus Iceland just sound cold. But I tend to get all of my veggies, meats and bread from their respective shops in the village. And on Wednesdays there is a market in the center where I can get all sorts of fresh fruits and veggies!

Today I needed to get milk and decided that the front basket on my bike isn't condusive for heavy loads so I went to the bike shop to get a basket for the back. So I am now officially equiped for full on shopping in my village of Portchester. I feel so local.

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jpgrmeck said...

Yesterday was one of those days for me, too. Although while the weather was beautiful, it was one of those days when I dropped things, forgot things, lost things, etc. So I'll live vicariously through your day instead!