Thursday, 16 October 2008

You're not going to believe this

I got my voting ballot the other day via email like I requested but that isn't the unbelievable part of this post. I have to get the ballot notarized in order for it to count. Seems legal, right? Well, to have anything notarized in the UK it will cost me 141.00 Pounds. Now let's do the math:
141.00 x 1.71949= 242.447

Yes. ladies and gentlemen, it will cost me $242.45 to vote in this November's election. And believe it or not, and exchange rate of 1.71949 is REALLY GOOD! So, should I pay up or succumb to the fact that my one little vote isn't really going to make a difference?


Steve said...

Call the embassy and see if you can get a hold of a "Voting Assistance Office or U.S. Commissioned Officer". They should do it for you without cost. Check out


Anonymous said...

What steve said.

And holy crud thats amazing. Heck, back here in the US I personally know of 4 people who can notarize stuff for me and I know they would not charge me too.

Anyway, I say yes, vote, cost or not. :) Have your voice heard long distance!

Larry said...

If you spend the money, send the bill to Bush. :)