Friday, 7 November 2008

The best birthday present ever!

Last night I went to Southampton to meet up with a knitting group and left before Victor got home from work. I was gone about four hours and left him instructions on how to put together the pizza I prepared earlier that day for dinner. Victor does not really like to cook so I figured this was a really good idea. On my walk back from the train station he calls the cell phone wondering when I'll be home because he just put the pizza in the oven. I thought it was nice of him to wait for me to get home for dinner.

We ate dinner and watched back episodes of Heroes: good times. Then Vic clears the plates and asks if I want dessert. Well, I wasn't very hungry, but who says no to dessert? So he dims the lights and brings out a beautiful cake with candles! I just started to laugh because it was such a surprise. On closer inspection I notice that it's Victor! He decided, since I was gone for the evening, he would have time to bake my favorite cake: red velvet. You have to understand that this cake is quite difficult to make and usually takes much time and effort. He had to go to the store after work and buy specific ingredients and even cake pans! It was wonderful and also tasted yummy. I was so proud of him for tackling such a feat of baking. And for someone who has most likely never baked anything from scratch in his life, he did a wonderful job. The only thing he got wrong was that he didn't add the right amount of food coloring and the cake turned out a little brown...but then again, I've been known to make my red cakes brown as well. I have the best husband in the whole world.


Diane said...


Is it true that they don't have cake mix in England?

k-bomb said...

I think they do. I know that I've seen brownie mix in the store but for stuff like that i usually just wait until we're on the base because it's so cheap! And it's also what we know so there are so surprises!

Nichole D. said...

Awwwwww, that's so sweet!

Happy Birthday!! Miss you SO MUCH!!!

jpgrmeck said...

That's awesome! I love red velvet cake, too, and it's a pretty daunting one to tackle when you're not usually a baker. Kudos to Victor!

Diane said...

I had a friend who would stuff his suitcase with boxes of cake mix (and something else too, maybe peanut butter) whenever he went to visit his family in England.

Another friend with family in Bulgaria would stuff her suitcase with blue jeans and leather jackets from thrift stores and pawn shops.

When I visited family in Norway, I was asked to bring my limit in duty-free liquor and cigarettes.

I wonder what each country requests from visiting Americans says about the culture of that country?

Nancy said...

Awesome! One year, Justin made me a care bear cake, baked, frosted and everything himself! It was the best present ever!

Heather said...

Aw...I got misty-eyed with this one. Hoping I find my own "Victor" someday.