Thursday, 6 November 2008

Post Election WHAT?

Last night we went over to Cosham for bonfire night and it was pretty fun. Fireworks, HUGE bonfire, trees almost going up in know, the usual. We met up with one of Vic's US coworkers and his local girlfriend. We had a pretty good time hanging out but what I thought was funny was our small conversation with the local about the election. She was wondering why the new president elect waits until January to take office. You know, I wonder the same thing? Why does it take so long for the USA to install it's political leaders? This is the short story of how they do it in England (explained to me my the spinners):

Step 1: People not happy with government/Prime minister term is up
Step 2: Hold election the next week
Step 3: New person (or same person) takes office the next week

Doesn't that sound so lovely? I vote we do it that way next time. They don't have political commercials like we do. Now that is a country I want to live in!! HA HA HA!!

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Diane said...

One week seems a bit short for recuperating from a campaign, selecting cabinet members, moving, etc... 2.5 months seems a bit long. Maybe 4-6 weeks would be about right.

At any rate, the Brits don't directly elect their PM. Their system seems weird to me... the PM is the leader of the majority party of the House of Commons. So when you vote for your H of C rep, you're also indirectly selecting the PM. It would be like giving our Speaker of the House presidential powers (and not actually electing a president).