Friday, 21 November 2008

I have a job interview!

How cool is that? Next Friday I'll travel over to Brockenhurst to interview at Tile Barn Centre for the instructor position. I'll be pulling on all my past endevors for this job. I'm not sure if I'm what they're looking for but I have so much random experience that hopefully I can be flexible enough to fit in.

It's fun to think that I'll be working outside again and helping people with group building, wilderness survival and outdoor activity. I always loved the jobs I had that involved these activites. Plus, it will be a chance to get out of the house and be in the fresh air, rather than a office, or some sort of store. Of course, I will have to get through the interview first!

Working has been a strange journey since I've moved here. On one hand I've really been doing some creative stuff at home (spinning, knittig, quilting...) and work just means more time away from those things. But on the other hand I NEED TO GET OUT OF THIS HOUSE!! So there you go.

Of course I cen get out of the house when ever I like but I think it's more the idea that I have such little purpose outside of my self. The things that I do center all around me and Victor. It would be nice to get away from working for myself, and back to working for others. I was reading about servant leadership today and it started my thinking wheels. I frequently find myself in jobs where I posess the role of the servant leader and when I'm not in one of those positions, I feel a bit empty. It's not that I need to be needed but I need to be in a position to help and guide.

So wish me luck on Firday the 28th and I'll keep you updated on the progress.

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ktjhawk said...

woo hoo! Congrats on the interview - this sounds like it could be fun. Good luck, friend.