Thursday, 13 November 2008

I've been wondering lately about my own spirituality. Since moving to England I've been attending an Anglican church on Sundays and at least twice a week, morning prayer. It's a lovely church and I really like the people there but there is just something different about how this effects what I consider my spirituality. I've never considered my self to be "spiritual" but there are things that I miss from my past life as being directly involved with churches. I think that working for congregations has always helped me keep up with reading the Bible, studying theology and thinking about how this is working in my life. Now that I'm not responsible for Bible studies and the like, I feel the hole. And this is now my life. So what am I going to do about it? No idea.


Paula said...

I completely understand how you feel - in college I was very involved in many different ministries and Bible studies - etc. However, since moving to New Mexico I have sort of fallen away from those things. Perhaps we could organize an internet based Bible study/theolgocial discussion. What do you think? It could be an interesting across the continents thing.
Hope you are well. I miss seeing you at knitting.

jpgrmeck said...

I work in a church, and I still feel like my spirituality is frequently lacking. Like Paula, I'd be happy to have internet conversations if you ever want to. Oh, and I love the picture you posted.