Friday, 14 November 2008

Kids need a mom and a dad?

I check in to my friend Kellen's blog on a regular basis and he always has something interesting to think about. To understand the rest of this post, check out this video he posted.

So, our country is coming to a point where gay marriage is becoming legal in various states (finally). Tony Perkins says that gay marriage would basically destroy the American family because all kids need a mom and a dad; not a mom and a mom or a dad and a dad. Ok, so if this is the case then shouldn't the courts outlaw divorce? If a mom and a dad are so important then don't you think that the courts should to everything in their power so kids get two parents of different genders?

It is just ridiculous to argue against gay marriage because it destroys the model family life. Why don't they just come out and say what they really think about the issue rather than hide behind the legal talk of the court system? Why are people so dumb?


jpgrmeck said...

Much of it's fear based, although I don't understand the fear.

Kellen said...

THANK YOU! basically they're playing on people's fears that gays are perverted and shouldn't be around children and that is definitely the thing that most offends me.

I agree, stop veiling this as a "sanctity of marriage" issue.