Sunday, 30 November 2008

This was one of those days....

We've been told that if you wait for a sunny day to explore England, you'll never see anything. Today was one of those days. We decided to head over to Portsmouth for the Victorian Christmas at the historic dockyards. It was worth the cold and drizzle and we really should have left the house much earlier. But it was still a good time. Here are some photos of our adventure.
They had snow machines and it was almost cold enough for real snow anyway. But it was very charming.All through the dockyards were people performing skits in Victorian costume. It was greatThere were two historic ships for us to tour. We only had time to see the HMS Warrior.
I think Victor is thinking he joined the wrong military branch!

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jpgrmeck said...

Our day was cold and wet, too. I don't think my gloves have dried out yet. Looks like you had fun!