Wednesday, 30 December 2009

How have I survived?

Not sure. I want to tell you this story in case I don't make it back from Italy. Holy crap, the drivers here are insane. First of all I have seen, on more than one occasion, a person driving with a child under the age of three on their lap or wandering up front near the driver. Second, people here don't know what the lines on the road are for and road signs are just a suggestion. Third, and the ultimate story, we were in the left lane on the highway and with only two lanes altogether, a guy passes the car beside us by going BETWEEN our car and the one in the right hand lane. I might not make it home alive! And I know I've said this before but people in the UK are WONDERFUL drivers!! I think my driving has become much more polite sine I've lived in the UK. And I also know that most of my family is Italian but I don't think I inherited their INSANE driving skills. Although, I did do some of my own pushing out into traffic today. Whenever I hear honking, I just assume it's for me. And what's with the flashing of the brights ALL THE TIME!! In England, if you flash your brights it's a "thank you" or a "you may pull out ahead of me" signal. Not here. In Italy it means "get the hell out of my way or I WILL run you over along with every one else on the road tonight!" Think of the worst driver you know and put him (or her) in EVERY vehicle on the road.


PS- Other than that, Italy is pretty fantastic:)


Paula said...

Oh my goodness, Italian drivers sound SCARY! Kyle has already told me how polite drivers in the UK are - but I never really believed him. I guess you have confirmed it.
I hope you and Vic are doing well. I miss seeing you at knitting nights and such.

The Gregor Family said...

YOur blog cracks me up miss Katie and I can vouch for the crazy `Italian Drives. I thought my cab driver was going to kill me before I even got to my friend's house.