Wednesday, 23 December 2009

Someone once taught me

how to knit. It was a random occasion in 2002 when I was in a church band that traveled to different churches every day. If you don't know that part of my life, I'll tell you another day. One evening we were having dinner at a church when I spotted a lady knitting and said "I've always wanted to learn how to knit". The next day we had a day off and that same lady came over to my host family house with three skeins of yarn and a pair of needles. She taught me how to knit prayer shawls and for the rest of the time I was on the road, the majority of the time I spent in the van, I was knitting. Well, other than the times I was driving.
This is a photo of me and my teammate Heidi with two ladies from the church that taught me how to knit. They gave us a prayer shawl to take with us on the road. When our year was over I gave the shawl to the kids in the Youth Encounter office to pass on to the new North East team. I would like to think that they still have it...I wonder where that prayer shawl is?

And that is the beginning of my current obsession with wool.

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Heather said...

I'll bet that shawl is transfering lots of love to whoever has it! Happy Holiday, Katie!