Saturday, 12 March 2011

Lent: really?

So I gave up facebook for lent. Yeah, it sounds really trivial, I know. But it's only day four and I'm already going through withdraw. The first clue is that I've decided to update my blog. After living life through the medium of social networking for at least three years, I'm taking a self imposed break. I've done this before but usually when I'm on vacation and can't get internet access. Now I'm just sitting around the house and meaningfully ignoring that facebook tab in my bookmark bar! I also deleted the app from my phone.

It's strange to not update my status on the weird things I do every day. When I'm doing stuff I actually think that I should post it on my profile. For example, yesterday I had Kraft Mac and Cheese for lunch...wanted to post it...spinning alpaca, watching Downton Abbey, and missing England...wanted to post it...lost our last soccer game...wanted to post it

However, I haven't left facebook totally. I still run the group for the youth at my church so I've decided that I can only log on if I'm going to check in on the group, create and event or communicate to any of the members. And if I log on, I can only be on for 30min once a day. So far, I've logged on once to create and event! I didn't make any comments, likes or updates on my page but I will have to say that I did check out my news feed, just to see what people are up to.

I wasn't sure that this would really be a sacrifice worthy of lent but it's panning out to be better than chocolate, soda and sex. Or should I say rather than better; worse.

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