Thursday, 24 April 2008

Office parties

I've never really worked in an office but I live vicariously though the TV show on Thursday nights. However, if I ever actually worked in an actual office, I would hope that it wouldn't be as uncomfortable as the one on TV.

It's so fun to have Office parties with my friend Cyndi:) We started the tradition in the fall and then the writers strike hit and we just didn't have the motivation to pick something else to watch. Now it's back and we're having fun on Thursdays again. Of course I did force her to go to the baseball game with me on Monday...I'm such a good friend! HA!


Diane said...

I have worked in a few offices and there is always far more intra-office dating and/or sex on TV than real life (big surprise). Not to say that there is none in real life, but just not as much. But The Office is still one of my favorite shows. Oddly, my hubby also loves it and he has never worked in an office.

Nichole D. said...

I love The Office, too! I don't watch the new ones on tv- we have too much other stuff on Thursdays- but I watch them online while Joie is napping and I knit. Fun times! I watched a whole bunch of them yesterday!