Wednesday, 14 May 2008

Not Long Now

Time is going by like snails on a chalkboard! Yes, of course, there is much to be done for this wedding but still it seems like forever away. It's detail time and now that I'm in Orrville I feel that things are coming along at an even pace.

But it has been raining for the past week and if it wasn't for the beautiful day we had yesterday I might not have any hope of good weather for the big day. However, I am glad I prepared for it to rain the whole day so as not to get my hopes up.

Remember when I asked if anyone heard the phrase "March comes in like a lion and out like a lamb"? Well what about "April showers brings May flowers"? So...when to the showers stop? We've got the flowers at least:)

I met with the DJ yesterday and rather than wasting my precious gas in the guzzling truck, I decided to ride my mom's bike. It was a fantastic day and so fun to get out on two wheels. I miss riding my bike. That was my only form of transportation for a few years back in seminary. After my meeting I decided to ride over to my grandparents house but on the way I rode past Orr Park and remembered what it was like to swing again. When I was a kid we would go to Orr Park when visiting the family and it was such a wonderful place to be a child. They have so many things to play on with swings, teeter-totters, slides, and the very fun Orr Pool. It made me think of how I want to live in a small town when I grow up. Orr Park is the center of town and when the weather is nice, it's the place where people from the whole city gather to relax. You just don't really get the same feeling in the suburbs.
C'est la vie.


Paula said...

The park sounds perfect. I'm envious that you took a "swinging" break. There was a swing set next to the dorms I lived in during college and I always found it to be one of the most stress free places ever.
Ah, memories.

nancy said...

I miss you too! Yes, you post the meme on your blog with your answers.

Good luck on the wedding! Everything will come together and work out, just don't sweat the small stuff! And if it rains, go buy some big-ass umbrellas and take some black and white photos out in the rain! I hope it is sunny that day, but if not, use it to your benefit.

jpgrmeck said...

I'll send you some sun if you'll send a bit cooler weather my way. It's supposed to be 87 on Saturday which means we're all going to melt in our albs. Oh well, by the end of this weekend I'll be ordained, by the end of next weekend you'll be married (you know, again), and I'm sure we'll have funny stories of some sort to share!

mrs. reynolds said...

I miss you! I'm driving through Toledo next week on my way to VA-too many tornadoes in the south. I'll definitely be thinking of you and sending you lots of prayers!
Love you love you! Happy Wedding!

Anonymous said...

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